Can I change my subscription level?

Yes.  If your group grows (or shrinks) you can switch to a new subscription level at any time.  The next scheduled payment will be adjusted pro-rata to cover the difference between the two levels.  Just go to the Account tab and select ‘Switch Subscription’ then choose the subscription level that best suits your group’s needs.


Can Gaggle Mail handle attachments?

Yes. Attachments up to 5MB work with Gaggle Mail. As with all messages attachments are archived for as long as you keep a Gaggle Mail subscription running.


What happens when my trial expires?

After your trial of Gaggle Mail has expired if you choose not start a subscription you will no longer be able to send messages via your list. You will still be able to view your list at gaggle.email, export the members or view messages that were sent via your list. You can also re-activate your list again at any time by starting a new subscription. After 60 days if no valid subscription has been started your group will be permanently deleted.


How long are messages stored for?

All messages sent to a list that has at one point hah a valid subscription are stored indefinitely. Any administrator of your group can view and instantly search all messages sent to it.


Is there a limit to the number of message I can send?

Nope, you can send as many message as you like! We only limit number of members in a group (currently 5000).


How do I stop out-of-office automatic responses being continually sent to my group?

We have protection in place to detect automatic responses and not forward them on. However not all automatic responses are labeled correctly and so some get through.
If you find automatic responses are getting continually being forwarded to your group there’s a few things you can do.

Firstly if you have “Echo sent message to sender” enabled switch this off which will at least stop the automatic responder responding to their own message.
Secondly if the automatic responder is not an administrator of your list you could try temporarily changing the “Who can send to the group” option to “Administrators only”, this will prevent them from sending to the group.

Finally as a last resort you could remove the auto responding member from the group, this will certainly make them stop!


Can I create a group whereby the members don’t know who else is a member?

Yes you can. Sometime it’s useful for people to use a group email list without knowing the identities of other members of the group. If you enable ‘Incognito mode’ in your group settings people can participate in the group without their email address being visible.

When someone joins a group they can optionally enter their name, to preserve anonymity it is better to enter a name; either abbreviated (i.e. Bob) or fake, otherwise Gaggle Mail will extract their name from emails sent to the group and show that.

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