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Effortlessly share information to the right people in your club with different groups for different teams or activities.

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Arrange matches, organise training sessions, share results or look for volunteers. Have one email address to reach everyone in your club.

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Whatever the size, running your groups couldn't be easier with our simple to use tools on the web or your phone.

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What is Group Email?

Gaggle Mail gives your group it's own permanent email address (like which anyone in the group can use to reach everyone else in the group.

Get your address in seconds and start adding people to your group straight away by either entering them manually, copy & paste from an existing email or importing from a spreadsheet.

There's lots of ways to customise your group (who can send to the group, personalized footer, use your own domain) but Gaggle Mail was built with simplicity in mind — so get started today with group email that you and your members will love!

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