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Delivery Reports

With every message sent via Gaggle Mail, we maintain a delivery report that tracks the delivery outcome for every recipient of the message. You can access the delivery report by clicking the information icon at the top right-hand corner of any message in the message archive.


Showing the delivery report for a message


For each recipient of the message, we show an icon representing the status of the message. For groups with lots of members, you can search the report by email address.

You can click on any icon in the delivery report to see more information about the recipient their status.


Full delivery report

Here’s what all the different statues mean:

Status Description
Queued Currently queued waiting to be sent. Should be in this state for less than 1 minute.
Blocked The recipient is blocked because we have this address has been unreachable in the past (more details).
Hard Bounce We attempted to deliver the message but got a specific response from the receiving domain saying it was undeliverable.
Complaint The recipient marked the message as spam and made a complaint. Sending to this address is now blocked (more details).
Surpressed We have had difficulites delivering to this address in the past so we won’t send to them now.
Unknown Bounce The message was bounced but we don’t know why (more details).
Sent The message was sent successfully be we don’t know if it has been delivered.
Out of office We received an out-of-office notification from the recipient.
Digest This person receives their messages in the daily digest.
Paused This recipient has asked to have deliverf of their messages paused.
Delivered The messages was sccessfully sent and we received notification to say it was successfully delivered.
Already Sent This recipient was already receiving the message (via CC for example) so we didn’t send them a copy via the group.