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Why link groups together

Some benefits of linking your groups are:

  • Update member details from a single place. When a member changes their email address, change it once across all the groups they are a member of.
  • Remove a member from all groups from a single place.
  • Move members between groups with easy.
  • Easily see all groups someone belongs to and add/remove them from groups.


What’s the difference between Linked and Subgroups?

Groups should be linked together if they all cover the same organisation or the same set of people. With groups linked together, you can easily move members between them, remove a member from all groups or update a member’s details across all groups they’re in. With groups linked you also get a better-consolidated view of which groups someone is in.

Once groups are linked together you can then use subgroups. Adding a subgroup to a group means whenever you send a message to the parent group, it also goes to the subgroup. This can be very useful if you want an “Everyone” group.

For example, you may have separate Collections for your Bookclub and the charity you’re involved with since they’re separate organisations. Then within the separate collections, you have different groups representing their organisation.