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Who can send to your group

Changing who can send to your group can change how it’s used.

This can be changed from your group Settings, there are three options:

Selecting who can send to your group.

Administrators only This is useful for a notification email list when a small number of members (the administrators) want to broadcast messages to everyone on the group. This keeps activity on a mailing list low so is good for very large lists where you don’t want to disturb people too often.

Administrators and members (Default) This is how most traditional listservs’ and group email lists work. Anyone on the list can send a message to everyone else on the list. This is great for generating discussion in a closed group.

Anyone Absolutely anyone can send a message to the group. This is great if you want to make your list completely open and accept messages from people you’ve not pre-approved however this can lead to a very busy list so be careful!