Gaggle Mail offers the ability to link several groups together to simplify managing members appearing in multiple groups..


This is similar to sub-groups where you have an ‘everyone’ group and then subsets of people in their own sub-groups. The only difference with linked-groups is that we do not require you to have an ‘everyone’ group, of course, you can still have a group that contains everyone, we just don’t require it.

When you link groups together, you have to give them a collective name, which will appear in a blue label to represent the collection of groups.


Some benefits of linking your groups are:

  • Update member details from a single place. When a member changes their email address, change it once across all the groups they are a member of.
  • Remove a member from all groups from a single place.
  • Move members between groups with easy.
  • Easily see all groups someone belongs to and add/remove them from groups.

How It's Done

Linking (and unlinking) groups is really easy. If you already have at least one Gaggle Mail group then whenever you create a new one we’ll ask if you want to link it to your other groups. You can update/rename or disband your collection of linked groups but clicking the settings icon next to the group collection label.

If you already have multiple groups which you’d like to link together, there a Link Groups button on the left hand side dropdown panel.


Should I link my groups together?

If you have multiple groups, which have members from a common set of people, then those groups should probably be linked.

If I change my mind can I un-link my groups?

Yes. You can link and unlink groups (which you manage) at any time.

Does this affect how my groups are billed?

No. All groups on Gaggle Mail are billed completely separately, even if groups are linked you will have a subscription for each group based on the number or members in that group.