Unfortunately wherever there’s email, there’s spam.

At Gaggle Mail our biggest problem with spam is unsavoury users setting up mailing lists with thousands of unsolicited email addresses and sending unwanted messages to them. This is a big problem for us since protecting the reputation of our domain (@gaggle.email) is key to maintaining the high delivery rates we enjoy.

To prevent misuse of our system there are several usage patterns we look out for that indicate a group is potentially being misused. Once we detect this we pause all messages from being sent over that group and inform the administrator.

At that point we invite the group administrator to let us know if the group is genuine in which case we un-pause the group and allow messages to be sent again – this rarely happens.

Usually our suspicions are correct, we don’t hear back from the administrator and eventually the group gets removed.

If you have any questions about this process then please let us know.