Email is easy to understand — you have an email address where anyone can send you a message.

Group email is not much more complicated.

A group has an email address and whenever an email is sent to that address everyone in the group receives the email. Pretty simple.

A group email provider (like Gaggle Mail) is just a service that gives you a way to maintain the list of people in a group and handles receiving and forwarding on emails sent to the list.

When it comes to digital communication email is the lowest common dominator. When starting a new group with a diverse membership you don’t ask for everyones Twitter handle or Snapchat name, you ask for their email addresses. Done.

Thousands of organizations from small local bowling teams, e-sports leagues, residents associations, poker groups to large international associations. They all use email to stay in touch, arrange the next meet up and discuss matters of the day.

Email programs such as Apple Mail and Outlook generally aren’t the best tools to use when you want to send messages to groups because they force you to maintain the list manually. Without any tracking capabilities, many groups and organizations will find themselves running into different limitations or still manually managing the tedious details. This is when a group email comes in.

Being able to centrally manage the membership of your group is a real boon. Everyone always knows where to send a message if they want to reach everyone who is currently in the group. If ten people join or twenty people leave the group it doesn’t matter, you just email your group address. You also don’t have to worry about someone not hitting Reply-To-All since there’s only ever one address to use you can’t go wrong.

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Beyond the convenient management of group members, using a group email list service has other benefits.

Archiving messages

They can archive all your messages and make them instantly searchable so you always have a record of what’s been said. This is especially useful when dealing with more structured groups e.g. minutes of club meetings.

Tracking Capabilities

A group email list service can also help out with the deliverability of message. They can track what’s being delivered and what’s not and then alert the group administrators to double check members addresses or get members to check their spam folders.

Single Point of Contact

For everyone outside the company or group, it might be tricky to find the best angle to contact you. Driving emails towards a group inbox can make it easier to stay on top of things and for people trying to reach out to you to do it effectively. It makes it possible to ensure conversations are always directed towards the best possible person inside of your company on each subject to provide an answer.

Transparency Among the Group

Another great benefit of group email is transparency, if you’re sharing emails then all the information you have is available to anyone on the list, avoiding the frustration that can come from a lack of visibility. Particularly useful if there’s a new group member who needs to get up to speed with what’s happening.

Easy to manage

A good email list provider will also allow members to sign up directly to the list via the web. A dedicated link can then be distributed to a wide group of people who can decide to join the group or not.

Email lists providers should be transparent to the members they serve and should empower the group administrators to easily manage the list.

All these qualities and features make managing a group email list very easy; adding/removing members, tracking deliverability, searching old messages, configuring the appearance of message.

It’s all a breeze with Gaggle Mail.

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An unhappy scene of world before group email
A happy scene of world with group email