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Gaggle Mail vs Mail-List.com?

Gaggle Mail is the Mail-List.com alternative that brings a modern, intuitive interface with the reliability you can trust to group email discussion lists.

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"Overall technical execution and ease-of-use make Gaggle Mail the best option in the market."
Edward Geruson
Schools Association Leader
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"Gaggle Mail is so easy to set up and use compared to other email groups."
Bernie Dougherty
Commercial Real Estate Operator
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"It's straightforward. It works. No advertising banners. We love it!"
Dan Torres
Kids Activity Camp

Mail-List.com was great for it's time. Gaggle Mail picks up where it left off.

At over 25 years old Mail-List.com is the original hosted group email provider. That said, you're here for a reason and Mail-List.com is starting to look rather old.

Gaggle Mail is built at a time when design and user experience matters. Give your members a group email platform they'll enjoy using and one you'll be proud to share.

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Completely free for groups of up to 1,000 members.
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A platform you'll be proud to share.

Gaggle Mail is built at a time when design and user experience matters.
With Mail-List.com, it was built 25 years ago — you can tell.
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Instantly be on-brand.

With Gaggle Mail, you upload a logo, choose a color theme, and you're done.
With Mail-List.com, you can't customise anything, it's shades of grey all the way.
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Switch at no cost.

With Gaggle Mail, we'll help move your groups over free of charge.
With Mail-List.com, there's a $100 fee to import your message archive.
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Flexibility for your members.

With Gaggle Mail, every group member has their own settings page to choose how they want to receive messages.
With Mail-List.com, there is no member settings page. You will have to make all changes for your members.
Member setting for a listserv

Your messages delivered.

With Gaggle Mail, group email is all we do. We put a huge emphasis on making sure your messages get delivered.
With Mail-List.com, when messages don't get delivered it just isn't so easy to figure out what's going on.
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Ready to switch?
We can help with that.

If you're looking to switch from an existing product, we can help you move.

Create and configure your groups
Move existing members across
Transfer existing message archive

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