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"It's so simple -- as both a manager and a user. And it doesnt have too many bells and whistles that make things confusing. Just the right price too."
California, United States
"Makes group email lists really easy to use and administer - Fast and reliable - Constantly improving - Great web design."
Brighton, England
"Gaggle mail is working well for a small nonprofit group that I support. It is perfect for creating a distribution list that we can all send to."
Texas, United States

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Why use Gaggle Mail?

If you use email to communicate with your group, you're probably familiar with its flaws.

Firstly, you have to remember each person's email address every time you want to make an announcement or start a group discussion. This means people get left out by accident.

And secondly, if someone doesn't "reply-all" when responding to a group email with multiple addresses, then it all falls apart. People miss messages.

Gaggle Mail eliminates these two flaws. With Gaggle Mail, no one in the group has to remember everyone's personal email address. And no one has to worry about someone forgetting to "reply-all" because any reply to the group address automatically goes to everyone in the group. Simple. It always works.

Getting started with Gaggle Mail takes seconds, just add the people in your group (enter them manually, drop a file containing their email addresses or let them add themselves) then anytime someone in your group emails the group address everyone gets the message.

Gaggle Mail is super easy to use and whether you’re a sports team, housing association, church group, or non-profit organisation your members will really appreciate the convenience of a single email address that always goes to the right people.

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Maximum group size is 5000.

Minimum group size 25.

What happens if the size of my group changes?
You can adjust how many people are in your group at any time with no cost.

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