Gaggle Mail is the simplest way to
setup and manage a group email list

"It's so simple -- as both a manager and a user. And it doesnt have too many bells and whistles that make things confusing. Just the right price too."
California, United States
"Makes group email lists really easy to use and administer - Fast and reliable - Constantly improving - Great web design."
Brighton, England
"Gaggle mail is working well for a small nonprofit group that I support. It is perfect for creating a distribution list that we can all send to."
Texas, United States

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Getting Started with Group Email

  • Choose a name for your list and create an account
  • Add members to your list either individually or in bulk
  • Start sending messages!

Customise how members receive emails and how replies are handled.

Allow new members to signup directly from a dedicated web page.

View delivery reports to see if messages are getting through.

Use a custom domains to personalise your messages.

What group are you part of?

Why use Gaggle Mail?

Group email is a powerful tool but it's not always been that easy to use. Running your own listserv is time consuming and other online services can be too complicated or restrictive in what they allow.

That’s where Gaggle Mail comes in, with a few clicks you get your own permanent group email address then easily customise how your group behaves and how messages appear within it. With a searchable message archive and delivery reports for every message sent you can easily keep track of what’s going on.

Whether you’re running a community group email list or sports club, church group or book club - Gaggle Mail is the group email service you can trust.

Thousands of groups have already chosen Gaggle Mail to help them stay better connected, start your 30 day free trial now then prices start from just $10 per year.

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"If you can use email, you can use Gaggle Mail."

Everyone has an email address and everyone uses email, it's the one universal means of communication on the internet.

Communicating with a group of people by email should be as simple as communicating with one - but it isn't. What happens if someone doesn't use reply-to-all? Or what if someones changes their email address?

Gaggle Mail solves these problems by giving your group it's own permanent email address that anyone in the group can use to reach everyone else in the group.