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We asked our customers what they thought about Gaggle Mail — here's what they said.
"Outstanding service. Whenever we have a question or face an obstacle someone is there to assist."
"I have had no problems with emails to the groups disappearing. Everything gets delivered."
"It's straightforward. It works. No advertising banners. We love it!"
"I love Gaggle Mail because I have never had a problem. It just works."
"The site is easy to use. Makes my job easier! Thank you!"
"It. Just. Works. - Very little intervention needed."
"Awesome website and features. Also, you have a cool name."
"I have had nothing but a good experience with Gaggle Mail."
"Gaggle Mail is so easy to set up and use compared to other email groups."
"Your service never fails and when we have questions, you respond immediately!"
"Excellent reliable tech support with very quick turn around."
"I use it for a Boy Scout troop. I tried a couple of other applications and yours is by far the best."


Running a group email list shouldn't be hard. With simple and powerful tools to manage your group and intuitive screens to let members control their own experience, keeping everyone happy has never been easier.

Joy Fletcher
Hardly Moaning
Derek Smiley

What is Group Email?

Gaggle Mail gives your group its own permanent email address (like which anyone in the group can use to reach everyone else in the group.

Get your address in seconds and start adding people to your group straight away by either entering them manually, copy & paste from an existing email or importing from a spreadsheet.

There's lots of ways to customise your group but Gaggle Mail was built with simplicity in mind — so get started today with group email that you and your members will love!

Without Group Email With Group Email
You have to remember everyone's email address
Just one email address to remember
Someone changes their address and everyone has to start using the new address or they get left out
People can update their own email address and it takes effect immediately
There are too many messages from the group
Members can switch to the Daily Digest
Group messages are mixed in with all my other mail
Messages for your group are in one dedicated searchable archive
People keep posting junk to the group
New people added to the group know nothing of messages posted in the past
New members can have full access to the entire message archive
An unhappy scene of world before group email
A happy scene of world with group email


Getting messages delivered is central to any group email system. You want to know that the right people are getting the right messages without delay. With fully searchable delivery reports, activity logs and message archive - you'll never be in the dark again.

Joy Fletcher 14 mins ago
We're meeting at 8pm tomorrow.

Don't forget to bring a copy of the book if you have one!
Hardly Moaning 9 mins ago
Does anyone have a spare I could borrow?
Derek Smiley 6 mins ago
Yeap, I've got one you can have. 😀


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Gaggle Mail is a modern group email platform which was built with simplicity in mind. Running your group email lists shouldn’t be hard - we make it easy.

Hosted in the cloud Gaggle Mail combines a slick, powerful interface with fast, reliable email delivery to give you group email which you and your members will love.

With everything that you’d expect to find on a regular listserv and more besides (including our privacy-focused incognito mode) - you can trust Gaggle Mail to get your messages delivered.

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