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Simple and Modern Listserv Replacement

Hosted entirely in the cloud, Gaggle Mail allows you to create, set up and run group email discussion lists with ease. Whether you’re a casual group of 10 or a professional organization of 10,000 — Gaggle Mail has you covered.

Introducing The New Standard For Group Email Discussion

In the early days of the Internet, Listservs were cutting-edge technology that enabled people to easily have group discussions online. While Listserv software is still in use today, most options are outdated, and their complex setup and lack of features can make them difficult to use.

Gaggle Mail is a modern replacement for Listservs that streamlines the experience for users and makes it easier for you to manage email discussion lists. With an easy-to-use interface, simple setup, zero maintenance, reliable email delivery and a user experience you and your members will love, Gaggle Mail is the superior choice for running an email discussion group today.

Trusted by thousands of companies from around the world

From local community groups to international associations — organizations of all sizes use Gaggle Mail to run fully engaged and thriving group email discussion lists.

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Overall technical execution and ease-of-use make Gaggle Mail the best option in the market. With prompt customer service and a simple, responsive user interface, it's a win for a small-to-medium-sized organization.

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Edward Geruson
Schools Association Leader

The Gaggle Mail site is super user-friendly and in the last three years since we signed up, we haven't had any glitches or problems. Everything always runs smoothly and your customer service team gets back to me very quickly when I have questions.

Quick to setup, easy to maintain

Take the stress out of running your email group so you can focus on what's important.

Get started in minutes

Create a new group with a few clicks, then add members either individually, via bulk upload or with our API. Have a meaningful discussion flowing within minutes.

Empower your members

Members can jump right into the conversation hassle free without being forced to create an account. All they need to get started is an email address. That said, by investing a few minutes into creating an account, members can access message archives and further customise their experience.

Let the discussion flow

Let the conversation flow effortlessly with fast, reliable message delivery. Send whatever attachments you need, up to 100MB, to keep everything in one place.

Search your messages

Turn your message archive into a valuable resource with instant & powerful search. Find messages from years past and resend them at the click of a button.

Stay in control

Always know what's going on with a fully searchable audit log. See when messages are sent, received, and by who. Know when people unsubscribe or join your group. With Gaggle Mail, you’ll never miss a beat!

Delivery you can trust

We closely monitor delivery reports and track hundreds of delivery metrics ahead of to time to spot problems before they start - so you don't have to.

Stress-free moderation

Enable moderation to allow messages to be reviewed before they go out to the group. Choose to either; accept, respond, or simply delete messages with a single click.

Use your brand

Add your logo, choose a colour scheme, customise your footer and welcome message - you can even use your own domain. Let your group fit your brand.
  • New Group created by Chester Porter

  • 82 new members added by Chester Porter

  • Chester Porter sent a message to whole group "Welcome to our new group!"

  • Aidan Fletcher switched to daily digest

  • Garrett Petty switched to daily digest

  • Jamal Curry sent a message to whole group "Re: Welcome to our new group!"

  • Magee Schneider unsubscribed from the group

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All-in-one platform

Everything you expect from a Listserv - and a whole lot more.


Have all messages at your fingertips with a fully searchable message archive.
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Custom Domain

Use your own domain for your group address in a few simple steps.
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Enable moderation of messages, set who should be moderated and who does the moderation.
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Allow your members to choose to receive messages in a handy daily digest.
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Import Members

Easily import people into your group with either copy & paste or from a spreadsheet.
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Custom Footer

Include your own personalised footer in every message sent via the group.
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Welcome Message

Prepare your own personal welcome message for when people join your group.
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Join Online

Enable a simple web form which people can use to join your group.
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Send and store attachments of up to 35MB and total message size of 100MB.
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Add, update and remove group members with our simply API.
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Incognito Mode

Allow members to communicate without knowing each other's email address.
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Track Activity

Have a complete audit of everything that goes on with your group.
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  • Up to 1,000 members
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per member per month

$1 per member per year if paid annually

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Everything in Free, plus customisations and API access.

  • Custom footer and welcome email
  • API access
  • Custom domain (redirect)
  • Priority email support



per member per month

$2 per member per year if paid annually

Start 14-day free trial

Everything in Personal, plus use your own branding and hosted domain.

  • Use your own logo
  • Use your own color scheme
  • Custom domain (hosted MX record)
  • API access to messages

30-day money-back guarantee on paid plans.

See our plan comparison table and cost calculator for more details.

People ❤️ Gaggle Mail

Built for reliability and scale, see why so many people love Gaggle Mail.

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Group members
Messages per month
"Outstanding service. Whenever we have a question or face an obstacle someone is there to assist."


Legal Community Manager

"I have had no problems with emails to the groups disappearing. Everything gets delivered."


Music Fan Club

"It's straightforward. It works. No advertising banners. We love it!"


Kids Activity Camp

"I love Gaggle Mail because I have never had a problem. It just works."


Park Land Committee

"The site is easy to use. Makes my job easier! Thank you!"


Care Home Coordinator

"It. Just. Works. - Very little intervention needed."


Bikers Club

"Awesome website and features. Also, you have a cool name."


Music Promoter

"I have had nothing but a good experience with Gaggle Mail."


Schools Administrator

"Gaggle Mail is so easy to set up and use compared to other email groups."


Commercial Real Estate Operator

"Your service never fails and when we have questions, you respond immediately!"


Public Speakers Association

"Excellent reliable tech support with very quick turn around."


Mental Health Organisation

"I use it for a Boy Scout troop. I tried a couple of other applications and yours is by far the best."


Boy Scout Troop

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