The World's Simplest Group Email Platform.

Gaggle Mail was created to solve one problem and solve it better than anyone else. Group email is an incredibly powerful tool but for a long time it has been out of reach to the non tech-savvy.

We make group email available to everyone.

At Gaggle Mail we’re passionate about keeping things simple. Simple to setup, simple to maintain and simple to use. All design decisions we make are with the user foremost in our mind.

Lots of really useful software can be too complicated and confusing to use - not Gaggle Mail. Our secret to keeping things simple is listening to our users. The thousands of people who use Gaggle Mail everyday are our greatest resource for making the product better.

If you ever have any feedback or suggestions for Gaggle Mail, big or small, please do let us know we’ll really appreciate it.

Everyone is part of a small group. Maybe a book club or football team or a yoga class. Or maybe your children’s play group or dance class. Maybe you’re part of a residents association or neighbourhood watch.

Everyone is in a small group and small groups love email.

But email has a couple of problems. First you have to remember all the email addresses for everyone in the group and sometimes someone gets left out. Then if one person doesn’t reply-to-all then the discussion quickly becomes fragmented and it all falls apart.

There is a better way. Gaggle Mail is the absolute simplest way to setup and maintain an email group. There are alternatives like Google Groups or Yahoo Groups but they can be difficult to setup and overcomplicated with features you’ll never use. Gaggle Mail gives you your own permanent address that everyone in your group can use to contact everyone else in the group. Simple.

If you can use email you can use Gaggle Mail – and that goes for everyone in your group.

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