Why Choose
Gaggle Mail vs Email?

Sure, you can "cc" everyone, but if that's not working out, Gaggle Mail is the upgrade which makes communicating with groups via email simple — for free.

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"It's straightforward. It works. No advertising banners. We love it!"
Dan Torres
Kids Activity Camp
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"Excellent reliable tech support with very quick turn around."
Tracey Clark
Mental Health Organisation
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"Simple, easy, and does what we want it to do. All software should be like this."
Susan Barnaby
Realtor Community Manager

Email is the default.
Gaggle Mail is the upgrade.

Emailing groups of people using cc is easy; we all do it. But sometimes, you need a little more control.

Gaggle Mail gives your group its own email address, that everyone in the group can use to contact everyone else. Just one email address to remember and one central list to update when people leave or join.

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Completely free for groups of up to 1,000 members.
All paid plans have 14-day free trial, no credit card required.

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Support from real people.

With Gaggle Mail, get friendly & helpful support from a real person whenever you need it.
With Email, who do you go to when someone emails the wrong person? Hint — it's probably you.
A list of email discussion lists

Reply-to-all vs. Reply

With Gaggle Mail, you can choose if messages go back to the group or the original sender.
With Email, some people click Reply-to-all some click Reply, it's a mess.
Google email replies settings

Flexibility for your members.

With Gaggle Mail, every group member has their own settings page to choose how they want to receive messages.
With Email, there is no flexibility, everyone gets every message if they want it or not.
Member setting for a listserv

Stand out.

With Gaggle Mail, use your own color scheme and logo.
With Email, there is no customisation, your email looks like all the rest.
Design page for a group email list

Your messages delivered.

With Gaggle Mail, group email is all we do. We put a huge emphasis on making sure your messages get delivered.
With Email, if your message aren't going through it's up to you to fix.
Group email delivery report

Ready to switch?
We can help with that.

If you're looking to switch from an existing product, we can help you move.

Create and configure your groups
Move existing members across
Transfer existing message archive

What next?

Start a free trial to get a feel for Gaggle Mail or contact us here.