Gaggle Mail is a simple and easy to use email list manager. Here’s a few reasons why you may want to use a group email service.

You only have to remember one email address

With Gaggle Mail you get one email address for your group. Any email sent to that address is forwarded to everyone in the list. This makes it simple to contact the whole list without having to remember everyone’s email address.

A more civilised email list

When emailing large groups it’s courteous to always provide an unsubscribe link. In fact for large lists it’s a legal requirement. Gaggle Mail includes an unsubscribe link on every message and makes it simple for anyone to unsubscribe.

Emails delivered how you want

Do you want to allow anyone to send to your list or just members? Should replies go to everyone or just who ever sent the original message? Include the list name the subject field of every message? Gaggle Mail gives you complete control of how your list functions.

Simply private discussions

An email list is the easiest way to start a private discussion. Everyone can use email, it’s the most universal way to communicate on the internet. And unlike other services (Facebook, Google) you discussion is completely private and YOU own the content.