Simple and affordable group email you can trust

Hosted group email lists from just $10 per year.


Create an email group with a few clicks then add members and manage the group from our intuitive web interface.


No setup fees or hidden costs and prices starting at just $10 per year for a group of 25 members.


Make sure your messages get delivered with delivery reports and active delivery health monitoring.


Custom Domains

Use your own domain with your group for no extra cost. Quickly setup your group to use a domain you already own in just a few simple steps.

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Instantly search all message sent via your group and optionally allow group members to see the full message archive.

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Enable moderation to enforce every message is approved by an administrator before it gets circulated to the group.

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Bulk Add

Easily switch to Gaggle Mail by copying and pasting your group members into the bulk add member feature and we'll do the rest.

Daily Digest

So they don't get overloaded members can choose to receive their messages as a daily digest, they can also pause or unsubscribe completely from the group.

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Custom Footer

Customise the footer that appears at the bottom of every message sent via your group to include information about your group and its usage.

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Simple Hosted Group Email

We believe running a group email list should be no more difficult than having your own email address. That is why we built Gaggle Mail to be the most simple hosted listserv service available.

Many hosted listserv solutions put too much burden on the group administrators to setup and ensure the smooth running of the group. Managing a group mailing list shouldn't be the preserve of just the IT savvy, it should be for everyone. That's why whenever a new feature is added to Gaggle Mail we are meticulous in ensuring it does not complicate the overall experience of running your group.

For decades running your own hosted listserv has been a large undertaking, both financially and technically – not any more.

What group are you part of?

Why Use Group Email

There has never been more ways for people to stay in touch. Video conferencing with someone on the other side of the world is routine, broadcasting something that could potentially be seen by billions is unremarkable.

There's also no shortage of ways for groups to privately communicate; Facebook groups, Whatsapp, Text message, Google Allo – take your pick. But the granddad of all electronic communication has to be email; it pre-dates the internet by decades and is still the more widely used than all other methods of communication combined.

Email's ubiquity and familiarity mean whenever a group of people want to start communicating you can be sure they'll all have an email address and they'll all know how to use it. This minimal friction along with email's versatility ensures technology stays out the way and discussion flows.

This makes email list services the default choice when a group of people just want a hassle free way to communicate.

Mailing List Hosting You Can Trust

When you run a group mailing list the most important thing you care about is whether your members are receiving the messages that are being sent to them. We understand this at Gaggle Mail and have made deliverability and proof of delivery key priorities for our group email service.

As well as providing full delivery reports for every message sent over your group, we also show a dedicated health page which alerts you to any deliverability issues your members may be having and suggests solutions.

That’s why 1000’s of people trust Gaggle Mail and think it’s the best listserv provider around!

What Makes a Good Email Discussion List Service?

On the surface an email listserv service is quite simple –a list of email addresses to forward a message to whenever the group receives a message. But that’s just the mechanics of what a hosted listserv does what sets the best listserv services apart from the rest is; reliability, flexibility and ease of use.

Reliability – This is key, if the email list service is unavailable or messages aren’t getting delivered then it’s no use to anyone. Getting messages delivered is what group email services are all about!

Flexibility - Not all email groups are the same. Some will want to have messages moderated, some will only allow certain members to post, some will want to specify a custom footer or welcome email, and some may want to use their own domain.

Ease of use – Having all these options is no use if people can’t find them or understand how they work. Too many mailing list services overwhelm group administrators with complex settings that they don’t understand leaving them to fend for themselves.

It’s these three areas that Gaggle Mail really focuses on to deliver the best listserv management service available on the internet.