Depending on the number, size and make-up of your groups there are a few different options for how to organise and pay for them.

This page aims to help you decide what's best for you.

Single Group - Circle filled with people

This is easy. You have one group with 1 to 5,000 people in it.

Subscription Options
  • FREE for groups of 20 or less
  • One Single Group subscription
Multiple Groups - Overlapping circles

You have several groups representing different interests with people mainly appearing in just one group.

Subscription Options
  • Multiple FREE subscriptions for the groups of 20 or less
  • Multiple Single Group subscriptions
Multiple Overlapping Groups - Overlapping circles within a circle

You have several groups for the same organisation with people appearing in more than one group.

Subscription Options
  • Multiple Single Group subscriptions
  • One Unlimited Group subscription
Multiple Sets of Groups - Multiple overlapping circles within circles

You have several different organisations, each with multiple groups.

Subscription Options
  • Multiple Unlimited Group subscriptions

Do I Need to Link my Groups?

If you have multiple groups with some people in more than one, and the groups are in some way related, then they should probably be linked.

By linking your groups it means you can manage members across them from one place. If you need to update someone’s email address across all the groups they’re in you can do that from one place. If you want to change the groups someone is a member of, that’s easy to.

One thing to remember is that linking groups doesn’t affect what subscription plan you choose, you can still use multiple single group subscriptions when your groups are linked.

Sometimes this is cheaper, in fact, if your groups are linked then on the Billing page we show a cost comparison between single and unlimited groups subscriptions so you can choose the cheapest.

We hope that's straightened a few things out for you but if you have any questions please do contact us.